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Batteria 4S 8000mah MOLICEL 45A | 14.4V 4S2P Li-Ion Battery Pack

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4S 8000 mAh 45A Lion Battery Pack

High Peaks of long lasting power just for your RC airplanefixed wing UAV or long range fpv wing like our unique

Bind N Fly combos! 

Made with love and high quality MOLICEL 4000mah 45A P42A 21700 Li-Ion cells


This Lithium Ion battery pack is meant for cruising and long range (very long) flight with medium to large size up to 1800 mm span FPV wings, planes and fixed wing UAV like the Sonicmodell Skyhunter.

Keep in mind that it performs better with low RPM and good torque motors equipped with the right propeller.

For more information, check your motor's performance chart and find out which prop gives the best efficiency value referred to a 4S battery: that's the right propeller for this battery.

Plan your flight in order to still have 3.0 V/cell when landed: this will keep your Li-Ion battery pack healthy for a long long time.

Select specific Li-Ion program on your balancing charger and charge at no more than 4.0 A.

Stay at 50/55% of your throttle and be smooth when open up and maneuvering.

You could consider to set your throttle curve and roll/pitch rates in order to have smoother accelerations.

With planes and wings, let ascending streams help you keep on fly; if you need throttle, better to know the stall speed of your rig, keep the throttle open enough to safely stay in flight and no more.

This tips will help you enjoy this battery pack almost a life-time.

An order containing this product may need 2 up to 5 business days to be fulfilled.


  • Standard connector: XT60
  • Nominal voltage/cell: 3.6v
  • Nominal 4S voltage: 14.4
  • Nominal capacity: 8000mah
  • Weight: 581 gr.
  • Dimensions mm (L x W x H): 145x 40 x 40