CNHL 6S 1200MAH 22.2V 100C LIPO BATTERY - Speedy Pizza Drones

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These 6S 1200 mAh LiPo are Pizza flavored with a touch of a spicy 100C Discharge Rate for a red hot racing heat!


CNHL made a well leavened 100C dough and Speedy Pizza Drones Team dressed it with mushrooms, pepperoni and a 1200 mAh figure to make your 6S racing quad fly faster, longer, light and HAPPY! 


  • Output connector: XT60
  • Balance connector: JST-XH
  • Nominal voltage/cell: 3.7v
  • Nominal 6S voltage: 22.2v
  • Nominal capacity: 1200mah
  • Discharge Rate: 100 C/200 C (burst)
  • Charge Rate: 5C Max
  • Weight: 209 gr. (including wires)
  • Dimensions mm (W x L x H): 32 x 85 x 43



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