Frog V4 6" HD PRO | Bind N Fly DJI Digital FPV

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The Frog v4 is THE Freestyle Drone you are looking for and we'll tell you why:

  • it's crash resistant, for real! | 5 mm thick arms and Bando Proof re-designed cam plates
  • It's perfectly balanced Backseat VTx placement and Centre Battery Mount
  • It's powerful and efficient | Up to 2.00 kgs. of total thrust at 50% throttle!
  • it's stable and precise F7 Flight Controller!
  • it's flexible and it will lovely fit your flight style! | From 15° up to 40° HD camera positioning. 
  • it's smart | Compact and protective GoPro + FPV cam 3D Printed TPU integrated mount
  • It's designed in ITALY | Unique style
  • It's cut in ITALY out of Made in ITALY unique pattern carbon fibre sheets!

What you will get in the BNF bundle and what we recommend for balanced performance:

  • Real HD Digital FPV gear | See as you were on board!
  • Center Mount for the battery pack | perfect CG = perfect handling!
  • 6 inches triblade propeller set | perfect fit for better thrust!

..and for your peace of mind:

  • OPTIONAL GPS Module | safe automatic return to home
  • OPTIONAL Self-powered buzzer never lose your Frog v4!

So yes, we also thought to you epic cinematic lovers because we know you will do short and middle range!


A completely new 6 inch stretched X layout quad frame with a glorious ancestor, the mighty Frog V3! 

Farins Frames designed the Frog v4 from the ground up to combine all the best from its predecessor with the needs of today's pilots clearly in mind: a durable, responsive, reliable and Digital FPV ready Freestyle Spec quad frame!

Why built by us? 

Because we built it, we know it, we can give you the best service!


Farins Frames Frog v4. Freestyle & Digital HD FPV. Redefined.


  • Frame Size: 270mm motor to motor
  • Replaceable Arms: 5mm thickness
  • Plates: 2/2.5mm thickness
  • Propellers: 6x3.5x3
  • Motors: 2507 1200 Kv or 1500 Kv BrotherHobby Avenger v2

What's included in the package:

  • Frog v4 6 in. quadcopter drone fully built, configured and tested.
  • 3D Printed TPU GoPro + FPV cam mount
  • 3D Printed TPU Arm Bumpers
  • 1x set of HQProp 6x3.5x3
  • Accessories

Suggested components:

Remote Controller TBS Tango 2 v3 or TBS Tango 2 v3 PRO