Frog V4 7" | Long Range Frame Kit for Analog & Digital FPV

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Designed to be the Filmmaker Drone frame

Farins Frames presents the Frog V4 Long Range drone frame, specially conceived to fly higher, further and better then any other "five stretched to seven" frame on the market.


Long Range with Aerial Video in mind.

This is NOT a modified Frog V4 5" FPV quad frame. 

All in the Frog V4 Long Range 7 has been carefully designed to provide the videomaker with the best, hassle free raw footage quality and more cost effective operation.

We'll tell you how this frame will reduce your post production job:

  • deadcat frame layout for wider, free from prop tips field of view (Horizontal FOV).
  • agile, smooth, stable and predictable flight attitude.
  • unique wave shaped, vibrations absorbing 6mm thick arms.
  • no jello effect design for the TPU HD camera mount.
  • supports up to Lion 6S2P 6000 mAh battery pack for long duration flight.

...and still compact enough to be carried out of your backpack!



  • TPU integrated Gopro + FPV Camera mount preventing jello effect
  • 10 to 40 deg. HD camera positioning
  • Wave Shaped vibration proof 6 mm thick arms
  • Deadcat design for optimal weight distribution and wide Field of View free from prop
  • 6S 18650 Lion Long Range battery pack support
  • High quality screws
  • Made in Italy high quality carbon fibre


This the best EVER long range, cruising, amateur and professional aerial filming rig.

This is just what you are looking for.


  • Frame Size: 320mm motor to motor
  • Layout: Dead Cat
  • Replaceable Arms: 6mm thickness
  • Plates: 2/2.5mm thickness
  • Prop size: 7"
  • Motor Mounting: M3, 28XX motors
  • FC Mount holes: standard 20x20mm 30.5x30.5mm
  • Weight: ~185g (All screws and standoff included)

What's included in the kit:

  • Carbon Parts
    • 4x carbon fiber replaceable arm 6mm
    • 2x carbon fiber arm plates 2mm
    • 1x carbon fiber top plates 2.5mm
    • 1x carbon fiber bottom plate 2.5mm
    • 2x carbon fiber cam plates 2.5mm
  • Hardware set
    • 14x m3x6mm Stainless Steel screw
    • 3x m3x12mm Stainless Steel screw
    • 3x m3x14mm Stainless Steel screw
    • 9X m3x16mm Stainless Steel screw
    • 4x m3x22mm Stainless Steelscrew (Extra for FC stack)
    • 6x M3 nyloc nuts
    • 2x 5x28mm aluminum standoff
    • 4x 5x17mm aluminum standoff
    • 2x 5x25mm aluminum standoff
  • Courtesy Pack
    • 1x 250x20mm LiPo Strap
    • 1x Silicon cable 12AWG with XT60 Male connector

What do I need for the best performance?

Optional 3D Printed Accessories

  • 3D Printed TPU integrated HD/FPV Cam mount with GPS tray
  • 3D Printed TPU VTX Antenna Mount
  • 3D Printed TPU Motor Bumpers
  • 3D Printed TPU Arm Bumpers

Power train

Flight Control


Analog FPV System

Li-Ion Battery

Frog v4 Long Range 7. No compromises, just fly further.