Skelepoddino 85mm HD 2" 2-4S BNF (Foxeer Mix2)

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Frame thickness: 2.5mm
Frame dimesion: 85mm (mtm)
Canopy: TPU HD Canopy
Motor: Amax 1106 4300kv
Stack Fc + Esc + Vtx: F4 F411 mini + Esc 4in1 + vtx

FC: F4 F411 OSD + Smart Audio

ESC: 4in1 blheli_s 12A

VTX: 25-100mw 40ch smart audio

Cam: Foxeer Mix2

Prop: (Suggested) Gemfan 2036x4 - (2.5" and 65mm prop will fit)
Suggested lipo: Tattu 4S 450mah


Flight video on a race track:


What's included in the kit:
1x Skelepoddino kit BNF
1x set Gemfan 2036x4 prop
1x Farins Frames mini lipo strap

NB: lipo is not included!