SKYRC D100 V2 2x100W 12/220V 1-6S

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The SKYRC D100 v2 is a 2-channel charger with two independent circuits to charge two different batteries in parallel.

Through active power distribution, the D100 v2 always provides the maximum possible power on each channel to reduce charging times. The D100 v2 can also be connected and controlled to a PC and to update the firmware.

The D100 v2 can also be used as a battery voltmeter or to measure the internal resistance.

To be on the safe side, the D100 v2 has a series of automatic safety cut-outs such as over the charging current limit, capacitance limit, max. temperature or charging time.

With the new "Scan to Go function" the setting of the charger can be made by scan via smartphone and APP. For this purpose, a small QR code sticker is affixed to the respective battery, which then makes all settings available to the charger and starts automatically with the desired process. At the same time, all relevant battery data can be displayed on the smartphone.
The D100 v2 charger is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth Smart 4.0.

Also new is the power supply function of the D100 v2 charger. Here 13.8V with a maximum power of 100W is provided at the rear output in mains operation. Here you can connect e.g. a pit lamp or similar.
For the untrained the voice output offers a little help to be guided through the settings faster (output in English).

  • Voice output
  • Scan to Go" function
  • Power supply function
  • Adjustable charging and cut-off voltage TVC
  • Re-peak for NiMH and NiCd batteries
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Overtemperature protection, overcapacity protection, reverse polarity protection


Input Voltage 12V/DC, 230V/AC
Rechargeable batterie-types LiPo/LiFe/NiMH/Pb
Rechargeable cell count 1-6 Lixx, - Nixx, - Pb
Charge current (max) 10 A
Discharge current 0,5 A
Cut-off Delta Peak
Power [W] 100W