Stack Mounting Board | Crossfire Nano SE + Unify PRO 32 Nano Stacked Together

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TBS Tracer Nano Rx, TBS Crossfire Nano SE, TBS UNIFY Pro32 Nano v1.1. Two receivers and a video transmitter, what do they have in common?

  • they are the best of the best
  • they were not stackable...

...they were 'till now because Speedy Pizza Drones Team made this 20x20 Stack Mounting Board!



This little beautiful gadget, conceived by real pilots for the whole FPV community to finally make a stack with Nano Rx and VTx easy! 

Just what you ever desired for your FPV racing or freestyle quad to have the all the fun in a single place, tidy and clean!


  • Multi-color RGB LED strip support via connectors
  • 20x20 form factor
  • M3 holes
  • TBS Unify Pro/Pro32 Nano VTx
  • TBS Tracer/Crossfire Rx
  • Independent power supply for LED to keep clean VTx/Rx 5v (Selectable via jumpers)
  • Soldering pads on both sides of the board