ZOHD DART XL Enhanced Version - PNP Kit

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This cool and stylish FPV Wing features the finest aerodynamics as the swept-forward wing, that means better stability at low speed, lower stall speed and better aileron effectiveness ad high climbing angles. In a nutshell: a novice-friendly wing despite the aggressive look! Furthermore, the weight distribution of such kind of wing allows more payload capability and reversed wing tips make the difference in this providing more lift force yet keeping a compact wing.

Reinforced ball-bear driven pushrods guarantee a safe and smooth control over ailerons and elevators and,  "icing on the cake": vortex generators to boost the swept-forward wing capabilities over the boundaries!

The high-capacity fuselage allows you to load a wide, huge range of FPV and GoPro like HD cams and LiPo or Li-Ion batteries: from close to long range flight, always keeping the right CG!

Computer aided design has been used for the internal air-flow in order to get a continuous and effective internal cooling to prevent overheating of the whole electronic equipment.

But ZOHD does not stopped at wing performances: they kept an eye on today's environmental challenge and made the DART XL of BEPP: Biodegradable Expanded Polypropylene: crash-resistant and environment-friendly to be future oriented.

DART XL is one of the best FPV plane today on the market. It has been design for one thing and one thing only: FPV! It does not matter if you want it for casual flight, mid or long range: it will always be up to expectations, from the first setup to the landing.

Also available as Analog FPV and DJI Digital FPV Bind & Fly and RTF kits professionally built and set! Check them out!


  • Material: Biodegradable BEPP
  • Wingspan: 1000mm (39.37”)
  • Length: 596mm (23.46”)
  • Flying speed: 25-100+km/h
  • Recommended Battery: Li-ion 4S 6000mahLi-ion 4S 8000mah
  • Wing area: 19.8dm²
  • Wing load: 60.6g/dm² (Max.)
  • Recommended Max. Flying weight: 1200g 
  • Max. Flying time: 40 minutes (with recommended battery)

Included in the box:

  • Dart XL FPV wing
  • Motor: 2216-1300KV
  • ESC: 30A w/5V 3A BEC
  • Servos: 9g Metal Gear Digital
  • Prop: 9X4.5

What do you need for building: