Artillery Sidewinder X1 - 3D Printer

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The 3D printer that quickly took its own place in makers' heart!

Easy to assemble and use, well designed and better built but first of all, capable of incredibly fine print quality!

  • Direct Drive Extruder
  • Print Resume Capability
  • Quick-heating Lattice-Glass Bed
  • Super-quiet Operations...

...and its unbeatable price are just few of the features that made the Sidewinder X1 one of the most desirable 3D printers today on the market.

Everything in the Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printing machine has been designed with one target in mind:

the best printing quality in the most easy way!

Let's take a look:

farins-frames-3d-printer-10.jpg farins-frames-3d-printer-15.jpg

farins-frames-3d-printer-11.jpg farins-frames-3d-printer-12.jpg

...and more:







Sidewinder X1 can print ABS, PLA, Flexible PLA, TPU, Wood, HIPS and PVS and its peculiar lattice-glass printing plate guarantees perfect adhesion when hot and the easiest  separation of your completed jobs! Forget about hair-spray and spatula!

Sidewinder X1: tomorrow's 3D Printer, just TODAY!