Foxeer Pagoda PRO 5.8G FPV Antenna 15cm - ANGLE SMA

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This is the Pagoda PRO, an omni-directional 5.8 GHz, Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) FPV antenna.

One of the best around, to be precise.

This version is 15 cm long version, good in transmission and specially for mid and long range because of the good distance between the antenna itself and any other possible interference. With 90 deg Angle plug, special for Goggles and/or video receivers

Of course, its best companion on the Video Transmitter would be another 15 cm RHCP Pagoda PRO.



Gain: 3dBi

Emittance Efficiency: 98%

Connector: SMA 

Color: Black 

Lenght: 15cm - 6 in.

Weight: 14.6 Grams