Lipo Checker | Cell Voltage Tester for Batteries

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Lipo Tester or Lipo Checker or Cell Meter or Battery Capacity Controller.

You can call it as you prefer but it's one of those "must have" accessories that any RC enthusiast, Freestyle or Racing quad pilot absolutely need to have on hand!

Drones, FPV quads, RC helicopter, RC plane, FPV Wings, EP 1/8 Truck o 1/10 drift car or Rock Crawler: no matter what your poison is. YOU NEED THIS THING!


Why? Because it saves your battery pack life!
We meant life as LIFE, not Lithium Iron Phosphate cells but yes, it can save them too.

Simply connect the battery by the JST-XH or JST-EH balance plug for LiPo, Lion and... LiFe or the power plug if it's a Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride pack and get the Voltage level on the easy to read, large LCD display!

And this is what you get for Lithium batteries up to 7S packs:

  • Cell Number
  • Total pack voltage
  • Individual cell voltage
  • Highest cell voltage
  • Lowest cell voltage
  • Voltage difference
  • Graphic percentage


All you need to know to avoid puffy cells, performance drops, fires and other disasters!


There is nothing better to keep your battery packs healthy and slim for a long time.


High visibility LCD Display

Compatible with: LiPo - Li-Ion - Li-FE - NiCd - NiMh

Size: 82,55 x 50,80 x 12,70 mm

Weight: 34 grams