TRUERC Blaze 5.8 | LHCP Antenna for DJI Digital FPV

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TrueRC Blaze 5.8 is a "one like no other" VTx Antenna! It's small and lightweight, great for any FPV racing or freestyle quad and it's equipped with a powerful LED lighting system!

5.4 to 6.3 GHz band coverage and High Fidelity design for an optimal transmitting pattern even in harsh operating conditions!

This version has been designed just for Digital FPV gear: with MMCX90 connector for DJI Air Unit or u.FL is for your Caddx Vista or Nebula. You can also consider SMA version with a proper pigtail for custom builds!

This is a LHCP (Left-Hand Circular Polarization) VTx antenna to be used with LHCP Video Receiver antennas ONLY!

Of course, you can use it with Analog FPV gears too, but be aware that mixing LHCP with RHCP will result in... "HELL!! I CAN'T SEE #@*X!!"


  • Video Transmitter Antenna
  • Polarization: LHCP | Special for DJI Digital FPV
  • Gain: 1.9dBic
  • Cross-Polar Rejection: -15 to -30dB, (1.9%)
  • Bandwidth: 5.4GHz-6.3GHz
  • Radiation Efficiency: 99%
  • SWR: <=1.2:1
  • Weight: 7.9 g
  • Dimensions(head): 16.5mm dia. X 10.7mm height.
  • Length: 80mm to 125mm.
  • Cable: Heavy-duty semi-rigid RG402 coax or custom RG316S.
  • Connector: True-SMA, MMCX90 or U.fl w/support tube (Vista)
  • Current draw: 100-110mA with included resistor.
  • Max current: 400mA.
  • Supply voltage: 5V with included resistor.
  • Approx. luminous flux @100mA: 20 to 50 Lumen depending on color.

What's in the package:

  • 1x Antenna.
  • 12 or 18ohms resistor depending on color.
  • Micro power connector.
  • Heat shrink.

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