Frog V4 7" | Hardware Set

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Hardware Pack for Frog V4 7" Long Range. A little bag full of all you need to restore your Frog v4!

What's included?

  • 14x m3x6mm Stainless Steel screw
  • 3x m3x12mm Stainless Steel screw
  • 3x m3x14mm Stainless Steel screw
  • 9X m3x16mm Stainless Steel screw
  • 4x m3x22mm Stainless Steelscrew (Extra for FC stack)
  • 6x M3 nyloc nuts
  • 2x 5x28mm aluminum standoff
  • 4x 5x17mm aluminum standoff
  • 2x 5x25mm aluminum standoff