Frog V4 Long Range 7" PRO | Bind N Fly Analog FPV

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Long Range with videomaking in mind.

Now as Analog FPV BNF package!

This is NOT a modified Frog V4 5" fpv frame. This is the 7" Frog V4 Long Range FPV drone, specially conceived to fly higher, further and better then any other "five stretched to seven" frame on the market.

We set up this PRO version for experienced pilots to master the magic of long range, True Digital HD FPV air action shooting at the top of reliability & performance!

What you will get in the BNF bundle and what we recommend for balanced performance:

  • Efficient LPD 2806.5 1300Kv Motors | quiet power!
  • Center Mount for the battery pack | perfect CG = perfect handling!
  • 7 inches triblade propeller set | perfect fit for better thrust!
  • up to 6000 mAh 6S Li-Ion battery pack support | fly to the heaven and back
  • all our experience in drones tuning | fly PRO right out of the box!
  • compact enough to be carried out of your backpack!

..and for your peace of mind:

  • OPTIONAL GPS Module | safe automatic return to home
  • OPTIONAL Self-powered buzzer never lose your rig


All in the Frog V4 Long Range 7 has been carefully designed to provide the videomaker with the best, hassle-free raw footage quality and more cost effective operation, reducing post production job:

  • deadcat frame layout | wider, free from prop tips field of view (FOV)
  • agile, smooth, stable | predictable flight attitude.
  • unique wave shaped, 6mm thick arms | designed for vibrations absorbing
  • special design for the TPU HD camera mount | no jello effect

Why built by us? 

Because we built it, we know it, we can give you the best service!


Just load up your GoPro and fly!


  • TPU integrated Gopro + FPV Camera mount preventing jello effect
  • 10 to 40 deg. HD camera positioning
  • Wave Shaped vibration proof 6 mm thick arms
  • Deadcat design for optimal weight distribution and wide Field of View free from prop
  • 6S 18650 Lion long range battery pack support
  • High quality screws
  • Made in Italy high quality carbon fibre


  • Frame Size: 320mm motor to motor
  • Replaceable Arms: 6mm thickness
  • Plates: 2/2.5mm thickness
  • Propellers: Triblade 7" x 4" 
  • Motors: BrotherHobby LPD 2806.5 1300 Kv

What's included in the package:

  • Frog v4 Long Range 7 in. quadcopter drone fully built, configured and tested
  • 3D Printed TPU HD Cam mount, Antenna Holder & Arm Bumpers
  • 1x set of 7 inches tri-blade propellers
  • Accessories