HOTA D6 Pro | LiPo Lion Battery Charger Balancer

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HOTA D6 Pro is the answer to one of top Big G's search queries: how to charge Lipo battery.


No matter which RC monkey is sitting on your shoulder:

  • FPV Quad, freestyle, racing and cinematic
  • FPV Wing
  • Drones
  • 1/8th EP Buggy or Monster Truck or Short Course
  • 1/10th Drift car or Rock Crawler
  • RC EP Planes or 3D EP Helicopters

Hota D6 Pro will satisfy them ALL!

It charges ANY kind of modern rechargeable battery

  • LiPo
  • Li-Ion or Lion (it's the same! ROARR!)  
  • LiHV
  • LiFe
  • NiCd
  • NiMH

...and many more! Yes, your smartphone included, by USB or wireless! 

The HOTA D6 is the versatile, easy to use, upgradable, fast and compact professional grade battery charger today on the market! 

Incredibly convenient thanks to dual AC/DC power supply system, the "Speed Shuttle" navigation roller and its dual, bright and clear colour screen. 

You can use it at home or in your workshop by any 100-240V wall outlet (yes, Italian Plug cable is included) or at the field by your car's 12V battery or one of our special Lion battery packs like the mighty Li-Ion 4S 20000mAh!



Hota D6. The best Battery Charger for better RC Life! (..or LiPo, or Li-Ion, or whatever...)

...and don't miss all our products for healthy happy battery packs!