ViFly Beacon Buzzer

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Similar but different from the Finder 2, the BEACON is equipped with a motion sensor for a next-level protection!

Lost Drone Alarm by Motion Sensor

Some drones like DJI models are installed with GPS that only provide you the draft location, with the sound help, you can find your lost drone precisely. With the built-in motion sensor and lipo battery, VIFLY Beacon can detect the drone crash automatically and make the alarm to help you locate the lost drone.

Wireless, No Soldering Required

The mechanism of VIFLY Beacon is based on the motion sensor, attach it anywhere on the drone to detect the movement, no wire, no soldering.

Loud Sound & Bright LED

To easily find the lost drone in long distance, VIFLY Beacon is installed with a very loud beeper that the dB is over 100. In addition, the LED on VIFLY Beacon can flash automatically when the built-in light sensor detects the light darkness

Anti-theft Technology

If someone wants to take the done away when it is in alarm status, VIFLY Beacon will beep continuously to warn the picker.

Position Light at Night

VIFLY Beacon LED light can flash automatically at night to make the drone visible when the built-in light sensor detects the darkness. Weighs only 6 grams that almost no impact on your drone’s flight performance.


Size: 25 x 14 x 15 mm

Weight: 6 grams

Loudness: Up to 105 db

Working Time: Up to 30 hrs

Charging time: 90 mins

Battery: 1S 80mAh LiPo

Input voltage: 4.5-5.5 V

Alarm Pattern:
- First 30 secs: low volume
- 30s -> 2 hrs.: max volume every 6 secs
- After 2 hrs: every 12 secs / idle until dawn